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            By: Rogue

A/N mention of Violet/Klaus and incestous sex but not graphic in the least just a warning. I'm not sure how good this is, it's mostly just a one-shot that popped into my head.


            Every morning like clock work, Violet Baudelaire rose from bed, splashed water on her face, and begin to do her hair. She would have part her hair directly down the middle. Then she would make sure her bangs were situated around her forehead and not in danger of getting caught in her braids. Violet would then braid most of the right part into a braid and tie it off with a small ribbon. She would do the same with the rest of the right and a small bit of the left and tie it off as well. She would then go to the left part near the back and pull it into a braid and tie it. She would go to the left side, next, and pull a small bit into a french braid just over her ear. She left the rest hang loose on the left.

            Next she would dress, make sure her long black ‘inventor’ ribbon was attached to her dress with her special ribbon loop. She would wake Klaus and make sure he was on the way to being dressed. She would then enter Sunny’s room to wake-up her. Violet would pull Sunny’s dress on and comb her hair into a small ponytail at the top of her head before letting her run off to bite whatever she desired.

            Violet would check on Klaus in the library that Violet had designed and build for him so it was similar to the one that had once resided in the Baudelaire Mansion but was more modern and convenient. Klaus would be sitting in his chair by the window with several stacks around him.

            Violet would move on to the kitchen and set off her invention that would begin breakfast. She would work on her latest invention while her breakfast invention whirled away. Once breakfast was finished, Violet would use the intercom system she had invented so that she, Klaus, and Sunny could speak to one or both of the others without having to walk all over the house or shout, to call Klaus and Sunny to breakfast.

            Sunny would set the table and Klaus would put the dishes on the table. The three would sit down and Violet would serve the meal. Even though they weren’t really religious and weren’t really sure about God and such, Violet always insisted that Klaus say the blessing before every meal. The three would eat and talk about their plans for the day.

            Afterwards, Klaus would clear the table, Sunny would wash the dishes, and Violet would dry them and put them away. Klaus would then grab his briefcase and wait by the door. Violet would help Sunny into her coat and send Sunny to grab her bag. Violet would slip Klaus’s coat on him and wrap his scarf around his neck making sure he was bundled. Klaus would pull her into his arms and kiss her, saying his goodbye before Sunny returned. Sunny would come running down the hall and into Klaus’s arms. They would hug and Sunny would kiss his cheek and Klaus would kiss her forehead. Sunny would yell her goodbye in her version of the English language before hurrying out the door. Normally Sunny would speak English but certain times like goodnights, goodbyes, hellos, and I love yous were spoken as if she was still two and not five.

            Violet would grab her own coat and bag, follow Sunny outside, and kiss Klaus at the gate. Klaus would go left to the library he worked at and Sunny and Violet would go right to Sunny’s school and the department Violet worked in. Violet would kiss Sunny’s forehead at the school yard and send her in.

            Violet worked from 9-3 as a casework for the Orphans department of London’s government. Violet had taken some law courses as soon as she was 18 and went to work for this department to make certain that nothing would happen to another child like that had happened to her and her siblings.

            At three, she packed up and made her way to Sunny’s school. Sunny would have just been released and meet Violet had the end of the school yard. Violet would take her bag and fix her coat and the two would walk to the Girl Scouts Meeting that Sunny had taken up. Violet had gotten rave comments from the Scout Leader even though she thought the biting was little strange. Sunny was the best scout and had many badges to her credit. Violet would enter the Leader’s house. The Leader, Rachel, a ‘friend’ of Klaus and Violet would say a few polite words before taking Sunny into the house with the other girls. Violet would kiss Sunny’s forehead and tell her she’ll see her at four.

            Violet would head home to start the house-cleaning invention and go back to work on her inventions. By five to four, she usually had completed one and set it in the invention basket that Violet invented should Klaus not be around at the completion of an invention. She would grab her coat, lock up, and head to pick Sunny up. They would drop off Sunny’s bag at the house and walk to the park farther down the street. At ten after five, Klaus would walk into the park, kiss Violet in greeting, and sit down on the bench to watch Sunny play.

            Around five-thirty, they would head home. Violet would start supper, which she always prepared by hand. Klaus would check the invention basket, if there was an invention he would try it out and thank Violet. Sunny would do her homework at the kitchen desk, absently biting on something.

            The grandfather clock would chime six and Sunny would put down her work, Klaus would come to the kitchen, and Violet would set the food out. They would sit down, Klaus would say the blessing, and they would eat and chat about their day and their plans for the evening. At the meal’s end, Klaus would clear the table and wash/dry the dishes, and put them away.

            Sunny would go back to her homework and Klaus and Violet would go back to their interests. At seven-thirty, Klaus, Violet, and Sunny would gather in the living room and play a game of scrabble. At eight Violet would take Sunny upstairs to be bathed. At eight-thirty, Sunny was in bed and Klaus would read her a story while Violet cleaned up downstairs. Sunny would be kissed goodnight and tucked in by both ‘parents’ before her light turned out and her door closed.

            Violet and Klaus would take a shower and pull on night clothing. They would lay in bed reading, well Klaus would be reading and Violet would be watching him before one last round of love-making. They would say goodnight and Klaus would turn out his light. Violet would get up and undo her braids before climbing back into bed, turning out the light, and spooning around Klaus’s body. Every night like clockwork.

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My Everything

By: Dimples Nursery


Disclaimer: Not mine

A/N V/K rating is G just a short drabble



            “You know. You’ve a wonderful boy there who stayed with you after your child.”

            “What?” Violet asked the elderly woman next to her. She was waiting for Klaus to come back. He had gone to get the tickets while Violet waited bouncing Sunny on her lap.

            “That nice boy with you. He’s the father?” The elderly woman inclined her head towards the small child laughing on Violet’s lap.

            “You could say that.” Violet said her eyes going back to Sunny.

            “You don’t know for sure?” The elderly woman probably had heard the stories about loose women. Violet was 18, finally and the three had their fortune and were trying to get the hell out of dodge.

            “It’s a really long story. He isn’t Sunny’s biological father but he’s the only one she’s got.” Violet was used to telling half-truths.

            “I see. He must be a saint. Taking care of a child that isn’t his own, staying with a mother. Makes me smile that someone like that still exists. You love him dearly too, yes?”

            “Yes, Klaus is my everything, my whole world. He and Sunny are the reason I get up every morning.”

“It’s good you found that in this changing world. Hold on to it, dear. Oh there he comes. Good luck to the three of you.”

            “Thanks, mam.” The woman stood and boarded a train.

            “Who was that?” Klaus asked sitting next to her.

            “Someone who thinks you’re wonderful.” Violet said looking at her everything.

            “Someone who thought we’re Sunny’s parents?”

            “Yeah, fifth today. We both have brown hair, Sunny’s blonde. We really look more alike then she does to either of us so why is that?”

            “I don’t know. Come on there’s our ride.” Klaus lifted their baggage and Sunny’s diaper bag. Violet stood and shuffled Sunny onto her hip.

            “Spplwo.” This might have meant ‘Strange people in the world today, brother, sister’


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Minus Panties

by: Rogue

A/N Just a random fic. Most likely a one-shot. Hope you like.

I hadn’t worn panties since the day Klaus and I made love for the first time. We rarely had time ever so it was quicker to abandon them to make easier access for my brother’s cock. I knew he didn’t wear underwear either after the numerous times he bent me over something, lifted my dress, and undid his lacings. That was all it took. So much easier and fulfilling. We had more time that way since we had less time. 

We’ve done it so many places, I’ve lost count how many but I can remember each time vividly. Once while Sunny was fetching a pot that she had left outside in her early playing, Klaus had bent me over Olaf’s stove and shoved me to climax. Another time Uncle Monty and Sunny had gone off into the woods out back so Klaus bent me over one of the snake statues in the front yard and drilled me to climax. Every time had an element of fastness and the thrill of nearly being caught.
We have been nearly caught a couple of times. Once, we didn’t hear Sunny until she was about to open the door. I barely had time to straighten myself and Klaus could only stuff himself back into his pants. He stayed behind the desk I had just been bent over so Sunny wouldn’t see. Another time Klaus had me up against a bookshelf in Aunt Josephine’s large library with the rather wide window but at the time I was thinking about something else wide, when we heard Aunt Josephine’s voice. Klaus dived behind a sofa and straightened himself. I discreetly tossed him a book when Aunt Josephine’s back was turned and he came up with said book not seconds later. There was one great time in that mill when he took me behind the dorms. 

Sunny did catch us once when she was younger. Klaus had me on the bed in my well our old room when our parents were still alive. I was half on my back half on my side and Klaus was half on top of me half to the side. We were lip-locked and about to undo his pants when Sunny barged into my room. We convinced her Klaus was giving me mouth-to-mouth and it was nothing to mention to Mum and Dad. Yeah I felt rather guilty for a long time after that but it didn’t stop us. 

I was addicted to being bent over, or shoved up against, or pushed down on and having my brother’s cock fill me. It’s a sin I know but I was never one for religion. It was always about discovery to both Klaus and I. He with books, me with inventions. Sunny, too, through biting things. Now that we know our parents a bit better, we see they were discovers too. I don’t think they really would have minded all that much, but I guess I’ll never know. 

I’m 17 now and Klaus is 16. He’s grown into a delicious young man since the fire. He’s taller then me, ‘Finally’ is what he said when he realized it of course we were in bed at the time, after two weeks without having a chance, so it could have meant something else. I’m not exactly short being 5’5 and he’s at least 6 feet. He’s still thin but since we made a run for it, we eat a bit more then we did before. His hair is longer since we don’t have anything to cut it with but it just makes him look more rugged, especially when he’s between my legs. He has muscles from our years with horrible guardians and running. His chest is hard and his legs lean but his hands are just has smooth as the day of the fire. 

Sunny’s adorable and growing fast. She’s 6 and a ½ now with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She looks nothing like either of us but people still assume she’s ours. She’s getting tall, too but she’s still really thin. I don’t like it but I do my best.

 I’ve only seen myself a few times, seeing as we have no mirror. But Klaus tells me all the time. He says I’m the perfect height for him. He says my eyes are still brown but more mature then before the fire. He says my hair is longer but I still keep it constantly braided and when inventing tied back. He tells me I’m rail-thin, thinner then Sunny even and she’s too small for her frame. He tells me to eat more and gives up some of what he has but when his back is turned I give it to Sunny. She doesn’t like me too but I make her eat it anyway. In private, Klaus tells me that my breasts are just slightly larger then his hand and he likes that. He says my legs are lean and long enough to in-circle his waist which makes him really ‘happy’ which in this sense of the word means horny. He says other things about my private places, that make me blush, which he says he likes to see on my cheeks because it means I’m still innocent. 

We’re on the run, as I mentioned. Now we have more food to eat but Klaus and I have changed. We steal to keep Sunny safe. We take food, water, sleeping items, clothes, anything we have to have for Sunny. Klaus did something for me I’ll never forget. He killed a man who tried to rape me. I know he did it for me but at what cost to him. We’re no longer innocent but if it means Sunny is safe and happy, no price is too high. We talked about it, one night after Sunny had gone to sleep and we had made love. He told me he’d do anything for Sunny and quietly said for me too. We steal clothes, shirts and skirts and pants and dresses. But the only underwear that gets stolen is panties for Sunny. Klaus and I don’t need them, haven’t for a long time. 

And even though we have little, when Sunny and Klaus are warm and safe, I couldn’t be happier.

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Blissfully Unaware

By: Rogue



A/N This came to me when I was editing Just Another Day in Paradise. It’s a drabble, based around the tags. Tags: Blissfully Unaware(major tag), Solid, Comfort, horrible/horror, and Unfortunate Events. Also this was written in about five minutes and edited in less. I’m in a rush so pardon the mistakes.

Disclaimer: Ain’t mine, but I will take Klaus when he goes on sale.



It was wrong. It was sinful. It was everything Violet and Klaus needed to survive. In the horrible world that had turned away from Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, they needed something, constant, solid in their life. Turns out that constant solid something was each other. Sunny was just a baby, blissfully unaware of the horrors their lifestyle held for them. But Klaus and Violet were older then old enough to understand and feel the weight their burden bestowed upon them. This one small, seemingly meaningless event that had occurred regularly since the dawn of time, the one thing that should have added more to their large sack of Unfortunate Events, was the one thing that took it all away. Finding love, understanding, empathy, and trust, by clinging to the only solid the only comfort that life would allow them. And through it all, despite the cries and the moans and the thumping, their sister slept on, blissfully unaware of the sin her brother and sister were committing. And for the first time since these horrible Unfortunate Events started, Violet and Klaus felt blissfully unaware.

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Just Another Day In Paradise

By: Dimples Nursery AKA Rogue


Disclaimer: I do not own any of this, not even the title.

A/N No this fanfiction has nothing to do with Phil Collins; the title just fit the piece.



Violet finished with Count Olaf’s supper dishes. She collapsed at the table where Sunny had her teeth latched onto the wood. Klaus looked up at his sister from the floor where he scrubbed.

“You almost done, Klaus?” Violet asked, wanting to go upstairs but waiting for her brother.

“Yeah, ten minutes, why don’t you go ahead and wash Sunny up at the sink.” Klaus replied going back to his work.

“Let go, Sunny.” Sunny unclamped her teeth and waddled into Violet’s open arms. Violet pushed her onto a hip and turned on the sink and pulled the stopper. She let it fill up halfway and set Sunny on the counter. Violet pulled off Sunny’s shoes and socks, pulled her dress gently over her head and set them on the counter. She pulled off her underpants and under shirt and set her in the sink. Klaus looked up at his older sister washing his younger sister and smiled. Sunny watched him.

“Kupia?” Which Klaus and Violet took to mean ‘What are smiling at, Klaus?’

“Nothing, Sunny.” Sunny just picked up her spoon and wrapped her mouth around it. Violet washed Sunny’s hair with the horrible smelling soap. Letting her soak for a few minutes, Violet kneeled next to Klaus and helped him scrub. “Violet, you don’t have to.”

“I want to, Klaus. It keeps me busy.” They finished up side by side. Klaus took the bucket outside and tossed the content. Violet took Sunny out of the sink and dried and dressed her in her underclothes and socks and set her on the ground before washing Sunny’s clothes and the rags. She hung the rags on the drying rack by the fire. Klaus returned, set the bucket back in its place, and lifted Sunny into his arms. Violet grabbed Sunny’s clothes and led the way to their room upstairs. Violet hung Sunny’s things over the rack by the fireplace in their room before taking Sunny from Klaus. “Time for bed, Sunny. Say goodnight to Klaus.”

“Noot.” This probably meant ‘Goodnight, Brother.’

“Night, Sunny. Sleep well.” Violet kissed Sunny’s forehead and laid her in her tub-crib, pulled the rags that were Sunny’s blankets over the small child, and pulled closed the curtain. She exited the side room, removed her hair ribbons and went back into the bathroom. She went over to the sink and cleaned herself off.



“Can you come here? I need help with my hair.” A shirtless Klaus entered the bathroom. He massaged Violet’s head and rinsed it under the flow of water. She pulled up and dried her hair while Klaus took his turn at cleaning. “Thanks. Are you going to wash your hair tonight or wait?”

“I’ll wait. Sunny and you both washed. That is probably our water quota for the day.”

“Well your hair looks fine. You can wash tomorrow night.”

“Come on, let’s go to bed.” Violet exited the small room and Klaus shut the door with a whispered ‘If you need us, Sunny, just call out. We’ll hear. ‘Night.’ To which Sunny replied ‘Klueat.” Which Klaus blushed at because he took it to mean ‘Don’t make too much noise tonight.’

Violet removed her long dress and laid it on the table with Klaus’s shirt. She pulled off her petticoats and undershirt that support her breasts. Klaus finished undressing, yanking off his pants to join their other clothes.

“Klaus, be careful. That’s the only pants you fit into now.”

“Sorry.” She pulled him towards the bed.

“Brush my hair?” He grinned and nodded eagerly. Violet sat on their bed and Klaus sat behind her, going straight to work on her brown locks. He made quick work of the nightly ritual that they had performed since they were little, since long before Sunny’s existence. Klaus wrapped his arms around her lean-then-was-good-for-her frame. She reached up behind his head, her fingers going into his hair. He rested his head on her shoulder, face buried in her neck. She had her head turned, staring at him. They sat like that for a long while before Klaus started to press his lips into the smooth skin of her neck, the skin that looked so much like his own. She smiled before adjusting herself so that she was facing him, back to the wall and the head of their bed. Violet looked into brown orbs that mirrored her own. Klaus wrapped his arms around her again and reclined her backwards onto the bed, covering her small frame with his only slightly larger one. Violet smiled as he pushed her knickers down her thighs and over her shins and off before dropping them on the floor next to the bed. He pulled off his own boxers and dropped them on the other side of the bed. Klaus reached into the bedside table and pulled out the leather sheath, Violet told him that she was working on a plastic version for more comfort, that kept Violet and Klaus’s life from becoming more complicated*. He slid it on before opening Violet to his fingers. He rubbed her where he knew would make her wet for him. Violet gasped reaching a nervous hand down between them, nervous, desperate to please him and give him the pleasure he always gives her, nervous despite having done this a thousand times at least. Klaus closed his eyes, letting a hiss pass through his clenched teeth. He pushed her hand away before he exploded.

“Did I hurt you?” Violet asked her fears rising to the surface.

“Won’t be able to hold out much longer if you keep doing that.” Klaus said through his still clenched teeth. “Are you ready?” Despite knowing her body well enough to know when she was wet enough to take him and knowing her mind well enough for when she was ready for him, his doubts always made him ask.

Violet smiled at his concern for her. Klaus took this to mean ‘yes’. He leaned further into her. Violet wrapped her legs around his taut waist, earned from the year and a half they’d been working for Olaf. Klaus adjusted himself, looked at Violet’s eyes and pushed into her. They both sighed with pleasure. Klaus stayed there for a moment, letting Violet adjusted to him, letting himself revel in her warmth. He pulled out a bit and thrust back in gently. He repeated this motion until Violet lifted her hips.

“Oh Klaus, harder, please.” Klaus pulled out thrust back in harder each time. They stared at each other, whispering soft words of love and trust and sex to each other as they used the oldest form of communication to love. Both cried out each other’s name.

Afterwards, Klaus and Violet lay entwined for quite some time before Klaus stood up, laid the blankets over Violet’s sleeping form, and entered the bathroom, quiet so he wouldn’t wake his baby sister. He removed the condom and cleaned it before cleaning himself so he wouldn’t accidentally cause harm to Violet. He entered his and Violet’s room. He laid the condom in the drawer to dry and curled into bed around Violet. Klaus watched his sister and his love for a few moments before drifting off to dream of her.


Violet jolted awake at the crying sound. She removed herself from Klaus’s warm figure and entered Sunny’s room. She pulled back the curtain and picked up the crying baby. Violet shut the curtain and entered the small bedroom, again.

“Klaus?” Klaus awoke at his sister’s call.

“Why are you out of bed, Violet?”

“It’s Sunny. She’s crying. Can you scoot over? I’m going to let her sleep here tonight.” Klaus moved over and turned on his side. Violet laid Sunny next to Klaus, where Sunny promptly curled into her only father figure. Violet then climbed in carefully next to the two. Klaus wrapped his arms around the only members of his family. Sunny had quieted as soon as she could feel both persons. Violet and Klaus just watched each other, eyes full of love only for the other and their baby. Neither thought twice anymore about calling Sunny, theirs. They had raised for more then half her life. She was more theirs then she had been their parents. Violet drifted to sleep, happy, content, and sated. Klaus watched for a little longer. Finally, he too drifted off, knowing that for now, his love and their child were safe.




A/N I tried to write the sex scene between Violet and Klaus innocent and hopefully the whole story similar to the books. I haven’t read past book 3, although I own the first 6. I lost interest until the movie came out and am about halfway through book 4, but I do know some of what happened in the other books, as I’ve read the fanfiction and had friends who loved the books. It’s AU kind of set during book 1 but an AU version where their a bit older and have been with Olaf longer. Violet is 17 and Klaus is 16, I upped his age four years and her three years. Sunny is somewhere between 1 and 2, I’m still debating on which.

* Yes leather and turtle shell condoms existed in 19th Century, according to Wikipedia ‘the Series of Unfortunate Events’ is set in an alternate ‘timeless’ vision of Earth that is a cross between the 19th Century and 1930’s so since the 19th Century is the earliest date I did some research on birth control during that time (looking specially for condoms) and found that they did exist.

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I can't believe that I've never posted on this journal. This is my non-friends journal. Meaning my 'real-life' friends don't know about it and can't see it. Sometimes I like to write things that they don't like, like incest or Harry/Hermione so I made a whole new journal so I can post what I like. A little bit about me: I'm ageless. My real name is Rogue and my middle name is Marie (After my grandmother on my Da's side), which no body in the X-Men communites ever believe but my name (Rogue) goes back about 4 generations in my family and there are others further back. I'm Irish/British Isles/Greek Isles. Not Greek but the Greek Isles, apparently there's some big difference in my family. I was raised Sourthen American, not South American but from the South in the US. I proudly admit that I'm a redneck, hillbilled, GRITS(Girl Raised in the South and yes I have a sourthern accent. My friends swear they based Rogue after me lol) but I also live a Irish/British life. I was raised Pagen by my mum, although she baphisted me United Methodist. I spent a few years after leaving the Pagen community going from church to church till I found a church I like and suited what I believe in (Ironicly, the United Methodist Church). I attend church reglaurly, and try my best to be what I call a 'True Christian' meaning I don't only believe in God but I follow his will. I also believe in a 6th Sense which is what took me so long to find a church I could fit in to and suited me. I was raised Pagen after all. I am a film student but enjoy other things. My medical problems include Seizures which I only recently found out. I'm needle-phobic, servely. I have one true best friend whose been my best friend since I was 8 known her since I was 4. I'm female. I'm bi-curious. My mum's an english major. I want to live in Alaska, Canada, Britian, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Greek Isles, and India for a time each. I'm studing film but I don't know if I'm going to stay in film. I love to read, exercise, my best sport is Vollyball and I love it. I enjoy Incest pairings(My favorite being Violet/Klaus from SoUE), Rogue/Logan, John/Rogue, Rogue/Bobby, Bobby/John, Rogue/Bobby/John, Scott/Rogue, Scott/Rogue/Logan, Scott/Logan, Kitty/Logan, Kitty/Bobby, Kitty/Bobby/Logan, Storm/Logan/Rogue, Xavier/Jean, Xavier/Ororo(Storm), Ororo/Hank, Hank/Jean, Jean/Rogue, Mystice as Rogue/Logan, Jean/Logan/Rogue/Scott, Jean/Logan/Rogue/Scott/Xavier, Peter/Kurt, Kurt/Ororo, Kurt/Jean, Kurt/Jean/Ororo, Ororo/Jean, Ororo/Jean/Xavier, well most pairings but I do not like Logan/Jean(alone) or Scott/Jean(alone). I also do not like Jean most days. I've never liked her, Comic, Cartoon, or Movie wise. I also like Harry/Hermione, Violet/Klaus, Peter/Susan, Edmond/Lucy, Casey/Derek, Elphaba/Fiyero, Elphaba/Fiyero/Glinda, Tonk/Harry, Tonk/Lupin, Dumerdore(yes I know he's gay so what)/McGonigal, Doctor Who, Doctor/Rose, Jackie/Mickey, and other Fandoms. I'm fanfiction obbseded and my obbestion right noe is X-Men. Uh that's about it. Oh yes and I'ma  big fan of Icons and Quotes. and Princess Bride. I also write Songs and Sing. I used to act don't any more.

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